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For more information on Eagle Week at Camp Squanto, visit>>

Questions about Eagle Week?
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Old Colony Council runs an Eagle Week program that provides a unique blend of provisional summer camp, Eagle merit badge classes, and fun group activities. The purpose of attending Eagle Week is to complete a number of Eagle required merit badges and help your advancement toward completing your Eagle scout rank.

During this week the only Scouts in camp are those attending the Eagle Week or the Venture Week programs. Adults leaders attend to help run the program and stay in the camp site with the Scouts. There are fewer of the regular camp staff attending that week, because it is near the end of the camp season. Everything for the Scouts attending is focused on Eagle Week. Activities in the afternoon and evening are set up for the full troop. Everyone attends and participates...there are no options.

Above all, you will find this program to be a different kind of week than the regular camp experience, and you will have a lot of fun while you are here.


For more information on course objectives, pre-requisites, and registration, see the Eagle Week Program website>>

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