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Lodge Chief: Colby Ward
Lodge Advisor: John Larney

OA Callout Ceremonies happen every Thursday night of Summer Camp. All members are welcome to attend, and you don't have to be in camp that week to attend. Just be sure to check in at the Office when you come.

We have one of the largest lodges in New England, we do a lot of things right and the best thing we do is to allow young men under the age of 21 to lead, to manage and to be successful. Each year during the summer, we induct new members and an amazing 70% come back the next year to seal their membership by becoming Brotherhood members.

The Order is dedicated to service, service doesn’t have to be drudgery, come to a chapter or lodge meeting and find out how to help. Interested in ceremonies, publication, finance, dancing, singing, or administration; come on down, we have a job for you with adult advisors to help you.

The Order of the Arrow is about helping your troop, your district, your council and yourself. If you are running out of challenges in the Boy Scout program, we can help; we also want you to finish your Eagle and remember: your first priority is your troop.

Welcome and come…..get involved.

August 14 - 16, 2009
September 11 - 13, 2009

All Arrowmen (Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil) are encouraged to attend these weekends of brotherhood and service.

Ordeal members, come seal your Brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow. Brotherhood members, come serve your camp and relive your Ordeal as an elangomat. To those scouts who were just elected by your peers into the Order of the Arrow, congratulations. This weekend will be one of the most memorable experiences of your scouting career.

Ordeal candidates should bring a tent, sleeping bag, tarp, poncho, and a set of "grubbies," along with a full Class A Scout uniform. This is a work weekend. Adults should bring tools to use and any materials that can contribute to a camp improvement project. All Ordeal and Brotherhood Candidates should make a small arrow with a string to wear during the weekend. Don't make it too fancy; the Brotherhood candidates will not be keeping it.

Please check in no later than 7:00 PM Friday night. Check out is around 10:00 AM Sunday morning.

Unit Leader Approval: Certify candidates Scouting Spirit, adherence to the Scout Oath, Law, and participation in unit activities.

Camping Requirements: 15 days and nights of camping within two years prior to the election under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America. The 15 days must include six consecutive days and nights of resident camping.

First Class: Boy must be First Class rank at the time of the election.

Present: Must be in attendance at long-term camp when elected. A Scout not with the troop at long term-camp is eligible if he will attend, or is in attendance, at either a National High Adventure base, a National Jamboree, or the Council’s Junior Leader Training Camp, in the same summer.

Registration: Must be currently registered in a chartered troop and under the age of 21. Adult leaders under 21 but 18 or over must fulfill all of the youth requirements. Venture and Explorer units excluded.

Same registration, camping and unit committee approval. Camping requirements may only be waived by the Lodge Executive Committee. Only one adult per unit per year, so long as there is at last one youth elected from the unit. If no youth is elected after two attempts, the next opportunity will be the following year. The adult is not elected, but rather nominated by a unit committee. His name is referred to the Lodge adult selection committee, consisting of the lodge lay adviser, Vice President of the Camping and Lodge Staff Adviser, with final approval of the Scout Executive, serving as the Supreme Chief of the Fire.

  • A roster of all registered troop members, a copy of your charter renewal
        form and any new boys is perfect.

  • A list of all boys with the troop, in camp.

  • Over 50% of the registered boys MUST BE PRESENT to conduct an

  • Information on eligible scouts will be needed for election forms.

  • There is no fixed quota on how many boys get elected. Rather, any boy who receives 50% of those ballots turned in is elected.


    Elections will occur at camp every Wednesday at 1 PM in your campsite. Sign up early for the available time slots. The tap-out to recognize those elected will occur on Thursday evening.

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